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Test: body module

This is an opening paragraph, that contains a link.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Ad expedita tenetur blanditiis in libero distinctio inventore porro external link quaerat, eum aspernatur and one that has a line break dolorum animi a perferendis, obcaecati, accusantium dignissimos atque, voluptates veniam!

Testing large external links.

Testing larger external links.

The purpose of the Tab character is indentation; conversely, using the Space character for indentation carries no semantic meaning—if you code this way your indentation schema may as well be a form of ASCII art. ;-)

The slow quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. The ins (insert) element, unlike the dog cannot jump over anything, so it cannot span cross paragraph boundaries.

This paragraph contains outdated information as well as current information.

The coordinate of the jth point is (xj, yj). For example, the 10th point has coordinate (x10, y10).

E=mc2f(x, n) = log4xn

Definition term
A definition description: important information. Less important information.
A second definition description. Did you know?—a single definition term can have multiple definition (descriptions).
Single room
$199 breakfast included, GST inclusive
Double room
$239 breakfast included, GST inclusive

We can also have single definitions, used for terms upon their first occurence in a document:

While they are essential reading material for our job, the W3C specifications are not exactly George R. R. Martin-level reading material.

Now to the mark element. This has a few useful applications:

I also have some kittens who are visiting me these days. They’re really cute. I think they like my garden! Maybe I should adopt a kitten.

The highlighted part below is where the error lies:

var i: Integer;
	i := 1.1;

An unordered list containing an ordered list:

A simple ordered list:

  1. Discovery
  2. Alpha
  3. Beta
  4. Live

Back to a paragraph.

And that’s a wrap.